Textile Technology

TECHNOLOGY NAME: Diploma in Textile Engineering

The textile industry is in a period of rapid and revolutionary modernization and automation in India. The engineers graduated in Textile Engineering are equipped with the knowledge of the behavior of textile materials and the functions of machinery in textile and clothing technologies. Textile Engineering deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the design and control of all aspects of fiber, textile, and apparel processes, products, and machinery. These include natural and man-made materials, the interaction of materials with machines, safety and health, energy conservation, and waste and pollution control. MIST is one of the top ranking Private Polytechnic Institute it provides an excellent environment for the students to promote their knowledge and explore new ideas.


They are employed in departments of textile plants and companies varying from small to big scale, i.e., production, planning, quality control, sales or marketing or in agencies of domestic or foreign companies for textile products and textile machinery, concentrated in different regions of the country.
Textile Engineering can work as:

Process engineer

Quality control supervisor

Technical Services/Sales Manager

Operations Trainee

Process Improvement Engineer

Medical Textiles Engineer

Diploma in Textile Engineering is a 4-year long program consisting of 8 semesters (1 Semester = 6 months). The final and the midterm exams of each semester is conducted under the supervision of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). All the exams question, answer script checking and final results are published by the BTEB. Besides this, each student has to attend the regular class test, quiz test, and semester final project. After the successful completion, a student will receive a Diploma in engineering certificate from BTEB.


The Admission procedure starts after the SSC results. There is mainly one session in a year. Students have to follow the admission announcement which is given by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board Authority. Usually, the admission procedure starts after May (depending on the SSC Result).

Important Lab:

  • Garments Lab
  • Yarn Manufacturing Lab
  • Fabric Manufacturing Lab
  • Wet Processing Lab
  • Testing Lab
  • Mechanical Lab
  • Computer Lab