We want to contribute to national economy through

  • Developing Technically Skilled Human Resources
  • Creating Entrepreneurs
  • Ensuring competency among every successful student
  • Serving the Industries through Developing Human Resources with required skills

he mission of MIST is to prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the areas of science, engineering, arts and social sciences in a well designed and quality learning environment. We are committed in preparing our graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards and making them prepare to make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Bangladesh and the world.


Moto of MIST

  • Academically Excellent
  • Ethically Driven
  • Socially Responsive
  • CBT(Competency Based Training)


Academic Excellence:

We value an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching, research, learning, creativity, and scholarship within and across disciplines i.e. quality services to the society. Our academic excellence pervades in research, knowledge creation and dissemination, innovation across discipline.



We believe commitment and determination is the key to success. All stakeholders directly and indirectly engaged in the creation of knowledge. As teachers and scholars, mentors and facilitators, we endeavor to educate the whole person. We nurture and challenge students—intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically, morally, socially, and physically—preparing them for leadership and service to the common good in their professional, civic, and personal lives.

Honesty and Integrity:

Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of all successful interactions and relationships of our Institute. We represent ourselves truthfully, unconditionally, impartially, and completely.


We value diversity and demonstrate respect for human dignity. We recognize that people with different backgrounds, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skills, beliefs, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perspectives. We consider the impact of our words and deeds on others. We further affirm the worth of each member of our office and those in the university community by treating each individual with respect and courtesy.


We value people’s voice, ideas, free speech, tolerance, debate and challenge. In an era of austerity, society needs institutions where people are free to speak out, where challenge is regarded as a fundamental value of the institution. We nurture a culture of freedom transparency, openness and inclusiveness in all our activities to produce acceptable outcome.